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Type A Units Code Change!

It’s official! The Type A Units code change has been accepted and is now available for use as an Alternate Method until January 1, 2021.  At that time, it officially becomes part of the NC Code. The method of calculating Type A units for multifamily projects in North Carolina is now similar to the 2012 Code. It returns us to using 5% of the first 100 units plus 2% of the additional units as the required number of Type A fully accessible units. The change also makes 20 units the starting point for requiring Type A units. This aligns with the IBC model code standard.  This Code amendment can be used on all projects in North Carolina immediately.  Architects need to state on the plan submittal ‘Appendix B Code Summary’ under the “Special Approvals” section that this is an Alternate Method approved by the North Carolina Building Code Council in May 2020.