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SB 553 is Vetoed by Governer Cooper

On September 20, Governor Cooper vetoed SB 553, a clean-up Regulatory Reform bill that included language that would have regulated valet waste services in North Carolina. He provided the following remarks regarding his decision:

“Provisions in the legislation allowing trash receptacles in the exit corridors could pose a fire safety risk for residents and emergency responders.  Also, this legislation could allow septic system permits to be issued that circumvent state septic system rules which can hurt public health and threaten clean water.  Both of these provisions threaten public health and safety.” 

RHA, valet waste service providers and NC apartment association affiliates will continue to tackle this issue through the end of the year and possibly into 2020. We are hopeful for a positive resolution. To learn how you can get involved in advocating for our industry, contact Michelle Manns at