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RHA PAC and GCAA Advocacy Efforts

The RHA PAC and GCAA ’s Government Affairs Committee have been working hard advocating for changes and improvements to the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, requesting financial assistance to cover rental housing provider debt due to the moratorium, and speeding up Mecklenburg County court delays in setting cases. Here’s what we’ve done over the few months:

  • Conducted a Public Opinion Poll to measure registered voters’ knowledge and opinion of issues, policies, and policymakers within the Charlotte community on housing, development, and policy related issues, with a specific emphasis on rental housing. The poll is being used to assist in guiding the development and execution of a public affairs plan to shape the opinion of policymakers on issues important to the rental housing industry.
  • Sent an “Open Letter” with “asks” to each member of our eleven (11) congressional delegation concerning the eviction moratoria.
  • Conducted a survey of our owner operator members to obtain data regarding the financial impacts of the eviction moratoria. Shared the survey results with members of our congressional delegation.
  • Met virtually with members of our congressional delegation to share stories from owner operators concerning the financial and operational impacts to their properties as well as proposed ways to alleviate barriers to emergency rental assistance.
  • Sent a letter to Chief Justice Newby asking him to intervene in Mecklenburg County’s delay of setting new cases up to 60 days.
  • Conducted interviews with the media and news outlets to bring attention issues regarding court delays in scheduling cases and the impact to rental housing providers.
  • Provided feedback regarding concerns to draft bill H.R. 5196 – Expediting Assistance for Renters and Landlords Act ahead of the House Financial Services Committee’s meeting on Sept. 10, 2021. The draft legislation seeks to remove barriers that continue to prevent residents from receiving rental assistance.