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NC Building Code Council Update!

Last week the NC Building Code Council further delayed the fire-retardant trash can requirement for valet trash providers to June 1, 2022. If you recall in December of 2019, the North Carolina Building Code Council voted unanimously to amend the state fire code to include recognition of door-step trash collection from apartment residences. This amendment legitimized valet trash collection services and established consistency of operation and enforcement throughout the state. Among other things, the fire code requires the service be performed via trash containers that are fire retardant. This was considered an approved “alternative method” until January 1, 2021. Once the fire code was formally updated this rule would be mandated after January 1, 2021 and service providers were expected to retrofit existing and new clients with the mandated containers. In light of the pandemic and manufacturing delays the Building Code Council has spent most of the year delaying enforcement of the 2019 code change. Last week was no different. Initially, the enforcement was delayed until October 1, 2021, however in light of the continued manufacturing delays and the current legislation involving valet trash circulating in the General Assembly, the council voted to push the enforcement date back until June 1, 2022. GCAA continues to monitor the enforcement of this issue and the developments of SB 465 to keep members up to date.