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NC Building Code Council Takes Action on Valet Trash Receptacles

On March 15, 2022 the NC Building Code Council voted unanimously to maintain the effective date of July 1, 2022 for the updated valet trash receptacles requirement. Following July 1, valet trash service providers will be required to ensure trash receptacles meet fire retardant specifications outlined in the amended 2018 NC Fire Code, Section 304.4. Compliance will be monitored/enforced by NC Fire Marshals across the state. Noncompliance may result in fines to the residential property. In the meantime, we will be engaging local fire Marshals to gauge what enforcement practices will look like following July 1.

What does this mean for my property?
If your property currently provides valet trash services, communicate with your provider. Ask if they have an implementation plan to comply with the upcoming effective date and discuss all present options.

What can property managers do?
Over the next three (3) months onsite managers can remind residents of the importance of complying with valet trash procedures (i.e., how long trash receptacles can sit outside, what time and days does the service operate, and what (if any) are the enforceable penalties violators will be subject to).