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Greater Charlotte Area Election Results

Municipal elections were held on November 2, 2021Tuesday across the Charlotte Region and throughout smaller towns within the GCAA footprint. The Mecklenburg County Board of Elections reported extremely low voter turnout with polling numbers show less than 15% of voters showed up to the polls.

A few Key Races to note:

Rock Hill Mayoral race: Citizensre-elected Mayor John Gettys -D on Oct. 19, 2021. He received
51.3% of the vote.

Huntersville Mayoral race: Mayor Pro-tem Melinda Bales defeated former Mayor Jill Swain by 144 votes. Both candidates focused on smart approaches to continuing the growth and transportation issues in their campaigns. Current mayor John Aneralla did not seek reelection.

Salisbury Mayoral race: For the first time, residents of Salisbury elected a mayor. Previously, the mayor was selected by city council, with the role traditionally going to the top vote getter. Current Mayor Karen Alexander defeated Mayor Pro Tem and former Mayor Al Heggins.

To access election results and other election information for all counties within the GCAA footprint, click here and scroll down to Voter Education and Registration.

Reminder – The City of Charlotte will hold its elections in the spring of 2022.