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FCC Broadband Ruling Given Effective Date

Late last month, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published official details of its Report and Order and Declaratory Ruling on broadband competition in multiple tenant environments (MTEs). With its release in the federal register, the FCC’s actions now have an effective date whereby compliance will be mandatory.

After April 27, 2022, no common carrier of telecommunication services shall enter into any contract with an MTE that gives the premise owner compensation on an exclusive or graduated basis. Parties to existing contracts, as of April 27, will have until September 26, 2022, to cancel, replace or void terms and obligations pertaining to compensation on an exclusive or graduated basis.

The FCC’s order also requires telecommunication service providers to disclose any exclusive marketing arrangements in material distributed to a MTE’s residents. Furthermore, the FCC reaffirms that sale-and-leaseback arrangements are an unlawful practice…Read more.