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City of Charlotte Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Adopted

Almost one year after the first draft of the UDO was released, Charlotte City Council on Monday,
August 22, 2022 adopted the UDO by a vote of 6-4. The adopted UDO makes up the development
regulations for the City of Charlotte and looks quite different from the first draft.

The City has emphasized that the document is a living, breathing one and as they find things that need to
be changed or updated through text amendments they will use an advisory committee to talk through
potential changes. While the city hasn’t sorted through what, if any, changes will occur with this group, it
will notify when they have more clarity.

The effective date of the ordinance is June 1, 2023 so there is still time to request additional changes to
the ordinance prior to implementation. It is anticipated that there will be fewer rezonings, more by right
development, and hopefully resulting in a more streamlined process that should limit approval times,
and more efficiencies.

Staff is currently working on alignment rezoning and community place type planning.

UDO Training Opportunities (UDO University) will be provided for the development community.
Training sessions will begin Q1 2023.

Click here to review the adoption draft, adopted by City Council. A final version of the UDO will be
released soon.