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Charlotte City Council Approves Changes to Source of Income (SOI) Policy Including Enforcement Provisions

On August 22, the Charlotte City Council approved amendments to the City’s Source of Income
Protections Policy that clarified the originally adopted policy that was approved on July 11. It also
included new enforcement and compliance provisions for City Supported Housing. Click here to review
fines and penalties for violators.

The policy applies when City owned land is conveyed, public money is involved, or the use of Tax
Increment Grants (TIG) and capital-funded partnerships for infrastructure improvements are
implemented. These rules do not apply to all developments, only those where the City of Charlotte has a
financial interest. The City doesn’t currently have the legal authority to apply these new regulations to
all projects. It is also important to note that the compliance aspect of the policy will be applicable to the
housing owner/provider(s) responsible for making rental eligibility decisions.

The effective date of the policy is the adoption date by City Council and is not retroactive.