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Vision: Attainable housing for all

About Us

The Rental Housing Alliance (RHA) is a qualified political organization also known as a “Super PAC” registered with the State of North Carolina. RHA is an effective way for our members and supporters to become more politically active and help shape the legislative priorities of the multifamily apartment industry. Our focus is on a broad range of multifamily apartment government affairs issues, including housing affordability, building code and land development regulations, valet waste, landlord tenant issues, and more.


Policies are enacted that can have long-term impacts on the viability of the multifamily apartment industry and our ability to operate and conduct business. RHA remains current on key public policy and priority issues and advocates on behalf of the Greater Charlotte Apartment Association.

RHA raises funds from individuals and corporations and may accept unlimited funds from most sources.  We inform and update PAC contributors about key legislative and regulatory issues affecting them.