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2021 Municipal Elections

Because of the delay in the release of 2020 census data that’s needed for cities to draw new election districts, NC legislation has passed Senate Bill 722 – Revise Municipal Redistricting/Census.  It was presented to Gov. Roy Cooper on 6/16/2021 for signature. SB 722 would allow cities to put elections off until spring (April) 2022. Current elected officials would have their terms extended.

Charlotte City Council on June 28, decided that Charlotte mayoral and city council elections will be held off until next April . The general election would then be held either April 26 or May 17.

Some municipalities won’t need to change anything, because they elect all officials citywide or because their districts are based on geography, not population. SB 722 affects the following cities and towns within the GCAA footprint: Charlotte, Hickory, Kings Mountain, and Statesville.

NC Department of Insurance (DOI) Deems C900 Pipe a Proven and Acceptable Material in Development Projects

Good news for developers!  Carl Martin, NCDOI issued an interpretation that concluded the following, “The code does not list C900 as an approved water service pipe in Section 605.3, however, C900 piping is a proven water pipe that has been used for years and continues to be used as municipal and county water mains. C900 pipe and associated fittings should, therefore, be acceptable as approved alternate materials under Section 105.2 where the pipe and associated fittings are used similar to municipal or county water mains.” This means developers can go back to using the c900 pipe under the following condition: “Because it is an alternate material and local inspection jurisdiction may not have a means of testing such installation, the contractor installing the pipe and associated fittings is responsible for hiring and paying for third-party inspections and test of such installations as is allowed under Section 105.3 – Required Testing when the local inspection jurisdiction determines it is unqualified to or incapable of performing such tests and inspections.”

Mecklenburg County is gearing up with updating its review and administrative process to include the use of the C900 pipe process and will be sending an email blast and using the Code Enforcement newsletter to bring this information to the public.